We Are Committed To

Consistency, Quality and Professionalism

We have a limited team of exceptionally experienced real estate photographers. We get it right on the first shoot and first edit.
Our lenses and cameras are top notch. Our full time editor retouches every photo prior to delivery. We pride ourselves in overshooting. Your listing will look fantastic and make you look even better in the eyes of your sellers and prospective clients.
We show up on time, ready to shoot, professionally dressed and happy to see your clients. We pride ourselves in our communication before and after your shoot. Feel confident you have the right partner for your next photo shoot.

Our Team


Lukas is the primary photographer and founder of Nauset Media, established in 2014. With a passion for photography since age 10, Lukas has committed himself to capturing the essence of Cape Cod, where he grew up. Lukas has a keen eye for architectural elements and details, showcasing the unique character of luxury homes in his work. He is deeply influenced by both the natural beauty and the architectural charm of Cape Cod, which he often explores with his dog Oskar and Eleni, his fellow outdoor enthusiast girlfriend.


Becca is a talented member of the Nauset Media team. She excels in architectural photography with a passion that matches her dedication to her work. Her approach, is characterized by simplicity and brightness. Becca's formal education in photography from RIT and her extensive experience enable her to deliver expert service in various niches. Always enthusiastic about her craft, she is committed to creating imagery that supports and excites, looking forward to engaging with new projects and ideas.


With more than 7 years of photography experience, Eleni is a valued member of Nauset Media, contributing her talent to real estate photography. She has a knack for capturing the distinctive features and charm of each property, presenting them in their truest form. Her approach to real estate photography goes beyond just taking pictures; she aims to tell the story of each property, emphasizing its essence and the opportunities it offers to potential owners. Beyond the real estate, Eleni enjoys hiking with her dog and photographing weddings and elopements.
Learn more about Eleni's wedding and elopement work at elenipphotography.com


Bea serves as the executive assistant at Nauset Media, playing a crucial role in the smooth operation of the business. Her responsibilities include managing scheduling, assisting with editing, and contributing to the overall functionality of the team. With a background in industrial design and document control, Bea brings a combination of creativity and organizational skills that ensure the team can focus on their passion for photography. Her proficiency in communication and adaptability are key to her success, making her an essential part of the Nauset Media team.


Roderic is Nauset Media's dedicated full-time photo editor, bringing precision and artistic flair to every project. With a keen eye for detail and a masterful understanding of color and composition, Roderic enhances the visual storytelling of each photograph. His expertise not only refines the beauty in each shot but also ensures that the final images reflect the high-quality and professionalism that Nauset Media stands for. Roderic's passion for photography and editing is evident in his meticulous work, making him an invaluable asset to the team.


Oskar, the miniature schnauzer mascot of Nauset Media, is not just any ordinary team member. He's the furriest and perhaps the most enthusiastic, especially when it comes to his two passions: beach romping and ball playing. Oskar takes his role seriously, ensuring the team never misses a beat—or a ball! With his boundless energy and knack for turning even the dullest moments into a game of fetch, Oskar is the undeniable spirit of the company, reminding everyone that work can indeed be a ball.